Travel & Medical Services

Travel and related services

At Active Assist we give a helping hand to travellers in distress by assisting in re-organising travel arrangements and logistics. In difficult circumstances such as accident, illness or death of a loved one, there is no need for extra amount of stress and hassles of formalities.

Our dedicated team can take a load off our clients' minds by organising new travel arrangements, flights, ground transport and accommodation to cope with any such unforeseen circumstance.

Our Customers

Our customers

Services of Active Assist are contracted by international assistance and insurance companies.

We make sure that all interests and requirements of insured clients are met in time of distress during their stay in Malta.

We also work closely with embassies and high commissions, as well as leading tour operators and travel agencies for Malta.

Air & Ground

Ground & Air transportation

Our multi-lingual team at Active Assist has vast experience with flight reservations and enjoy privileged collaboration with the national airline, enabling us to organise flights in the shortest possible time.

We can also swiftly arrange any type of assisted ground transfer or ambulance service, with stretcher or wheelchair as well as medical escort. Thanks to our extensive collaboration with professional medical staff we can provide our clients with all the support needed.

Learn more about our Air & Ground Ambulance Service.


Accommodation and other services

On behalf of insurance companies, Active Assist can arrange new travel and hotel arrangements for our clients and their relatives needing to extend their stay in Malta.

We can also arrange travel details including ground and air ambulance if the client needs to travel abroad for a treatment.

Active Assist can also take care of all medical, local and airline formalities, ensuring that every detail is properly looked after. Our dedicated team is visiting patients and seeing to any specific needs on a case-by-case basis.


Repatriation services

Our dedicated team at Active Assist can take care of all aspects of repatriation to or from Malta in the shortest time possible.

Thanks to our close relationship with national airline we can organise air transport swiftly and obtain favourable quotes.

Depending on the client’s condition, we can coordinate stretcher and wheelchair cases, air ambulance repatriation and nurse or doctor escort, if required. Moreover, we provide liaison with hospitals and ambulance transfers with runway access and any other aspect for repatriating a patient to or from Malta.

Learn more about our repatriation service.


Medical & Hospitalisation Services

At Active Assist we understand that sometimes despite all taken precautions an accident can occur. Hence, we are closely cooperating with number of dedicated doctors and medical practitioners around the clock 365 days a year. Our dedicated team will strive to provide needed medical care and attention to foreigners falling ill during their holidays.

We can arrange a doctor visit anywhere in Malta and since we work closely with all the hospitals and clinics, we can arrange any type of check-up, medical examination or hospitalisation in the shortest possible time.

Doctor & Specialist visits

Doctor & Specialist visits

Our team of experienced doctors is always ready to visit patients at their hotel or residence. We ensure that our clients receive necessary assistance they require to cope with the pain or illness.

We can also arrange a doctor or specialist visit at any chosen clinic or medical facilities in Malta and Gozo.

Medical tests & examinations

Medical tests & examinations

At Active Assist we provide our clients with all necessary tests, x-rays, scans or medical examination recommended by our team of medical professionals.

Medical examinations can be booked for in-patient or out-patient visits at any of the selected medical facilities or clinics across Malta and Gozo.



In case of falling ill during stay in Malta, Active Assist can coordinate doctor visits and hospitalisation needed by the clients.

To relive the extra burden off the shoulders of our insured clients, we can take charge of hospitalisation costs and medical fees. We follow the procedures on the behalf of the travel insurance company.